How Men Fall in Love – The Stages of Love

Men experience falling in love in a unique way. The process of a man falling in love is distinct and takes some time to fully develop.

Unlike women, men don’t think in the same manner. Initially, they might feel a surge of passion upon meeting someone they’re interested in.

Explore the stages of how men fall in and out of love to gain insights into their emotional journey.

How Men Fall in Love

Stage 1: Appreciation

It’s often about immediate attraction and physical appearance. This should help women understand that, when it comes to being attracted to a woman at first sight, men tend to focus primarily on physical attributes. Men are typically drawn to women based on their looks.

Stage 2: Infatuation

On a daily basis, men appreciate many women. They often try to catch a girl’s attention or get a second glance. However, it doesn’t always work, either because the man isn’t trying hard enough or the woman just isn’t interested in him. In the dating world, the infatuation phase is when men are in love.

Men may like a lot of women, but not all of them make him infatuated. Infatuation occurs when a man is captivated by a woman and wants to pursue her.

Stage 3: Attraction

When a girl accepts a guy’s advances and he is receptive, the attraction phase of love begins. If a girl rejects them before this stage, a guy can walk away without feeling any hurt or sadness. At this point, he may not be trying hard enough, nor has he fallen in love with the girl to be bothered by a rejection.

Stage 4: Impression

It’s difficult to understand how men fall in love, and he is nowhere near falling in love at this point. He wants her to like him. He shows her his mate-ability. He spends money on expensive gifts and plans dates to impress the girl. He is not in love but wants to get something positive out of the impressions stage.

Stage 5: Conviction

When a man has successfully navigated through the stages of love, it’s natural for him to start wondering if something else is in the air. He’s not worried about falling in love but rather how to get the girl to love him.

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