Incredible Features of OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a popular social media platform that caters to many content creators. This platform has become hugely popular among adult film stars, camgirls, and creators who create explicit content. This platform reached its peak towards the start of 2020, and during that time, several global celebrities began to join it. Due to this aspect, this platform could boast of having 500,000 users regularly. OnlyFans is gaining popularity among fans and content creators alike. No matter whether it has been gaining fellowship and attention from adult stars, children who haven’t yet attained the age of 18 years should not visit it.

Joining OnlyFans

If you want to visit the Teen OF page, you have to visit the OnlyFans website. Here, you should create your account. It is not tough to create your account from scratch, though, at times, people join this platform with their Google or Twitter accounts, too. When you find that your account has been created, you will be redirected to the Home page of this platform. Initially, people should visit the Account Settings page so that they can alter their name and other preferences, including their email. If they access the sidebar present on the left, they will be able to access their Security, Notification Settings, and Profile.

The working process

When you use a desktop and log in to this platform, you will see a left rail with some options like Notifications, Home, Bookmarks, Messages, Subscriptions, Lists, My Profile, Add Card, etc. However, if you use your mobile device, you will see the bottom navigation bar that has some features like Create Post, Notifications, Home, Messages, etc. The majority of these pages tend to be self-explanatory, and some chief ones are mentioned below:

  • Home– This is the place where people view their feed. It is a stream of content that people follow, including their close friends. Moreover, they can also view suggestions. If you see the top, you will come across a search bar where you can see other users and creators. When people want to begin sharing, they should visit the Home page. This way, they can compose a novice post besides sharing it with their fans.
  • Messages – When people have contacts, such as someone they subscribe to, including their fans, they can visit the Chats page. This way, they can begin to message them directly.
  • Notifications– People see their notifications when they visit the Notifications page, including liked, tipped, subscribed, past interactions, and many more.
  • More– When people see the More menu sliding out, they can view their display name, the number of followers or fans they have, username, etc. Additionally, people can also access their profiles using the menu. They can also access lists, bookmarks, cards, settings, bank information, etc. After this, they can log out also.


OnlyFans was launched in 2016, and since its inception, it has become hugely prevalent among hundreds and thousands of adult content creators who offer highly explicit images and videos. So, if you want to view the Teen OF page, you have to create an account with this platform. Several influencers have been utilizing this platform, including musicians, fitness gurus, cosplayers, chefs, models, etc.